Thursday, May 5, 2011

Since the baby is sleeping on her daddy and I have the opportunity to shower, I'll be brief

Baby is sleeping not in my arms for more than 20 minutes. I thought it was time for a quick update:

-Some cutie got baptized this week. A family friend made her gown out of my wedding dress. She looked like a princess.

-Our herb garden is absolutely exploding. I can make enough pesto for a year with our enormous basil plant. And I can make enough of something else for a year with whatever you make out of cilantro and fennel.

-Celebrity Apprentice is phenomenal.

-Can someone please teach me how to have a clean house, healthy home-cooked meals, a hobby of my own, folded laundry and maybe work from home while taking care of a baby who only wants to snuggle, eat and issue heart-melting smiles? Or maybe just to have two hands so I can sweep my kitchen and write long overdue thank you cards...

Not that I'm complaining about the great job I have. I just want to know how to do it better. How do you strike balance as a mom? Comment away!