Monday, June 28, 2010

Redecorating & Girlification

You may notice a few changes to the blog. This happened because my husband told me today that he was starting his own blog. Actually, he didn't tell me. He said:

 "What do you think I should name my blog?"
I said: "So you don't want to post on the blog I set up for us that you originally said you would post on?"
He said: "No."
I said: "When were you going to tell me this?"
He said: "Right now...So what should I name my blog?"

I previously made an effort to keep the blog looking gender neutral and to leave space for Chris to insert his funny anecdotes. While I was upset for half a second that my husband left our blog, the second half of the second I thought what any woman would think when a man vacates their shared space....Time to redecorate.
Although I initially wanted to put pink and flowers and rainbows and unicorns all over the blog in celebration of my girly-ness, I soon realized that wasn't me either. There are some flowers in the background though (I had to mark this as girl territory somehow.)

I initially attempted to make the subject of this blog as vague as possible. I figured "our life as newlyweds" would encompass everything and give me a clear platform to say whatever the heck I want. Obviously, the direction of the blog has changed even from that incredibly vague direction. While the title will remain "Some Good Reedin' ", I'm trying to think of a clever subtitle for my newly revamped blog besides "Some Good Reedin'...I write whatever the heck I want to."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

trying to cheer up a poor, neglected blog

Here's a brief update on what's been going on:

-It's freaking hot outside. With a heat index up to 110 and a serious budget talk with the hubby, this summer has driven me to a quaint little air conditioned place that let's me take stuff for free as long as I return it - the library. I'm taking a microbiology class right now, and after a whole semester of perpetual studying, I'm not in the mood to read anything very intense. I picked a couple of the types books I loved as a kid. I'm right in the middle of the second Anne of Green Gables book, and I still have Evangeline and a wonderful light read by the very talented Emily Giffin waiting for me to read.

-Exercising. Hahaha - not me, Chris. I've briefly abandoned the gym along with the blog. Chris, however, is training for the big half Ironman next April. As practice, he just signed up for his first triathlon in September. I am SO incredibly proud of him :)

-Laziness. This I've had way too much of. My house has never looked worse and we've had frozen pizza one too many times so far this summer. I've let my brain atrophy so much that today I had to think long and hard about who the Vice President of the U.S. is because I COULDN'T REMEMBER.

-Work. I just got a brief (3 week) taste of being an English teacher this summer. Although I don't think I'm making any huge career idea changes, it definitely gave me a really strong appreciation and a "stepping into his shoes" kind of experience for what my husband does everyday in his classroom. Now that the teaching gig is over, I'm on the prowl for a job again. The aforementioned laziness needs to be curbed so that this can happen.

-Birdfeeder. Chris put one up as a treat for both me and the cat so we could watch the birds from the balcony. So far we have birdseed all over our balcony and the patio below us, birdseed germinating in all of our plants and bird poop on our balcony. Also, Gabby has been way too entertained. She attacks the blinds early in the morning, waking us up way before we need to get up. She also does this creepy chattering noise whenever she sees a bird. Chris looked up what it meant - apparently it's the noise cats make in the wild right before they snap the neck of their prey.

All of this has yielded a few summer resolutions:
-get a bigger fan
-go to the library often
-back to the gym for me!
-a little more cooking
-a strong brush up on who is currently in the Executive Branch ;)
-sending out several resumes a week
-letting my husband know how amazing I think he is for being a really awesome teacher and for training so hard for these races.
...and last but not least - taking down the birdfeeder.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Save Our Coast

The situation in Louisiana (and along the entire Gulf Coast) is becoming more and more severe. Along with the obvious environmental problems, people are being laid off in drives as oil drilling is being shut down in the gulf. The brown pelicans, who were just taken off of the endangered species list, are now dangerously close to becoming endangered again.
Here are a couple of extremely sad pictures showing how the brown pelicans have been affected by the oil spill:

In case I needed more motivation to shop for safe products besides decreasing the risk for cancer, fertility problems, and hormone disruptions...I've been thinking about how everything that goes down the drain ends up in some sort of water supply. Not to be all eco-crazy...but we only have one Earth, so I think it makes sense to protect it.

On a side note: Last night, Chris and I made a trip to Whole Foods to get vitamins free of dyes and other junk. After picking out the vitamins, I let my nose lead me to the yummy smelling bath products aisle. After smelling pretty much every shampoo and conditioner in the aisle, getting headaches and numbing our sense of smell almost completely, we found some really great products! Whole Foods brand 365 sells a basic line of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc. that come in chemical-free fragrances - grapefruit, lavender & mint. A huge bottle of shampoo was about 5 bucks, cheaper than a lot of traditional shampoos and conditioners. I also bought Alba mango-vanilla shaving cream on my sister-in-law's recommendation... and I'm pretty much in love with it. It's silky smooth and smells super delicious! We also made a leap into the world of eco (and skin) friendly laundry detergent (we choose Seventh Generation), which wasn't super expensive either. So there ARE affordable, safe products out there. A few small victories!