Monday, June 28, 2010

Redecorating & Girlification

You may notice a few changes to the blog. This happened because my husband told me today that he was starting his own blog. Actually, he didn't tell me. He said:

 "What do you think I should name my blog?"
I said: "So you don't want to post on the blog I set up for us that you originally said you would post on?"
He said: "No."
I said: "When were you going to tell me this?"
He said: "Right now...So what should I name my blog?"

I previously made an effort to keep the blog looking gender neutral and to leave space for Chris to insert his funny anecdotes. While I was upset for half a second that my husband left our blog, the second half of the second I thought what any woman would think when a man vacates their shared space....Time to redecorate.
Although I initially wanted to put pink and flowers and rainbows and unicorns all over the blog in celebration of my girly-ness, I soon realized that wasn't me either. There are some flowers in the background though (I had to mark this as girl territory somehow.)

I initially attempted to make the subject of this blog as vague as possible. I figured "our life as newlyweds" would encompass everything and give me a clear platform to say whatever the heck I want. Obviously, the direction of the blog has changed even from that incredibly vague direction. While the title will remain "Some Good Reedin' ", I'm trying to think of a clever subtitle for my newly revamped blog besides "Some Good Reedin'...I write whatever the heck I want to."


  1. Hahaha :) This is like the time when, before we got married, Michael went off and created an email address for us that we'd just share after we got married--without asking me about it first. To this day, his personal email address is "mikenerin" :)

  2. It does not look girly at all. It looks beautiful. Now, if you did it in a "My Little Pony" motif, that would be girly!

  3. I just haven't found a My Little Pony background yet... ;)