Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reasons for existence: good friends and snowballs

Chris got back from San Diego late Saturday night, and I've never been happier to see anyone in my life. I was watching a TV show the other night, and one of the lines was about old maids who "sit at home on Friday nights watching Ghost Whisperer with their cats." This is precisely what I did on Friday night while Chris was in San Diego. Now that I've had a taste of it, I'd like to thank my dear husband for marrying me and saving me from a life I could have had.

Also saving me from a life of being a perpetual loner who hangs out with her cat and studies Chemistry on a Saturday night are my very dear friends. I got a wonderful surprise visit from Shannon, Emily and Brittany on Saturday night. They took me out to dinner and joined me at the airport in welcoming Chris back home. My semi-regular phone calls from Katie and Erin keep me going as well. Ladies, I am so grateful for your friendship!!! You have no idea how much you inspire and motivate me.  I am so blessed to have you in my life.

On Sunday, Chris and I celebrated his coming home by going uptown to an art festival at Palmer Park. Our first stop was to see Chris' mom. She is a wonderfully talented watercolor artist who was displaying some of her art work at the show. See her beautiful paintings at Marina's Watercolors.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside on Sunday and it seemed like a perfect day for...a snowball! Maybe kids up North love the first snowball of the winter, but I really look forward to the first snowball of the summer. My dad got me hooked on snowballs and my favorite flavor, nectar.

Besides the fact that I had to study when I got home, it was a perfect Sunday: Mass, live music, great art, yummy snowballs, and my husband safe and sound at home.


  1. marina's watercolorsApril 27, 2010 at 2:04 PM

    Love it! thanks for the plug.

  2. Yay! that's me! i'm so thankful for your friendshop too :)