Sunday, May 16, 2010

Road to recovery

I haven't posted in quite awhile - my original reason was that I was studying for finals (which I aced!). Then I didn't post for a little bit longer because I let my brain atrophy back to its pre-swollen, finals cramming size via excessive sleeping, eating and television watching. One day this past week I went to go post and realized I had nothing to say because of all the lazing around I did. (I thought maybe "Ate cookie dough, stayed in pajamas until 3pm" wouldn't be very exciting to read).

I've had several wake up calls recently that this lazy sort of life is something I truly hate. I was depressed and felt crummy about myself. I was watching movies and tv shows that showed other people really living their lives (fictional or otherwise). So I've made it my mission to be more balanced - to set goals, enjoy myself and be productive.

I kicked it all off with a trip across Louisiana and back. I took Hwy 90 because I think it's gorgeous and the interstate is boring. I got to visit Katie (check out her blog at ) and her beautiful daughter Isabelle :) Babies are such a joy! And speaking of babies...I made my next two stops to see some more babies, my adorable nephew Joshua and then to see my close friend Shannon who is carrying her first child. 

I meant to pass through Baton Rouge, say hello and be on my way. However, I ended up staying up super late chatting with the girls, crashing on the couch and having a world record 5 hour breakfast with an old friend. Liz, I can't even tell you how much you inspire me and how many goals I've set for myself since we talked! 

After two days apart, I came home on Friday grateful for my husband and (hopefully) a much more interesting conversationalist for him than I had been post-finals. We had so much to talk about I didn't even mind trekking all the way back across Louisiana for my nephew's 1st birthday party because it gave us so much time to enjoy each other :)

Here's a few pictures of one beautiful and very loved little boy at his first birthday, surrounded by his family. I picked these particular pictures to display this kid's super expressive face.

So happy to be playing ball with Grandaddy!
A little ticked off about the crown that was strapped to his head.
Relaxing during his "spa treatment" given by Mommy and Daddy to get all of the cake and icing off of his face!
Fish face - a common expression for Joshua

In other news...I didn't know if I was just being a fat kid posting about food all of the time, but a lot of people have told me they read the blog and expressed interest in knowing more about our lifestyle/dietary changes. Well you're all going to laugh at what Chris and I ate today. I repeatedly told my body "I hate you" today by eating only the following: toast for breakfast ( I was in a rush), fountain coke and buttered popcorn at the movies (my stomach hurt so bad), all washed down with a huge cup of caffeinated coffee with cream we drank during our 3 hour adventure at the bookstore (to punish my nervous system and further torture my stomach with the 2+ pounds of popcorn in it).

When we came home, we felt so...crappy. There is no other word for it. I made us some veggie tostados for dinner and I feel like I'm on the road to recovery. We've made numerous vows to load up on fruit and vegetables this week. Did I feel this bad all of the time before I started eating well?

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