Friday, March 18, 2011

Then and now.

E made 5 weeks yesterday. And it's crazy, because it feels like she is a different baby! She has grown so much I almost can't remember what it was like when she was first born.

I never posted a pregnancy picture - so here it is.
 Yes, I know. It's...alarming. People were starting to double take in public, shamelessly stare at my belly and in the last week or two, even approach me to tell me how "ready" I looked. Don't get me wrong, I loved the remarks on my general hugeness... This picture was taken right before we left for the hospital, so it's probably my absolute biggest. Although I probably gained weight in the car on the way there.
 Super excited (and a little weepy) in anticipation of meeting our little girl. I can't even believe this was only 5 weeks ago.
 Hello, world! I just remember staring at her for hours on end. She may look like a typical sleepy newborn but she came out with her eyes open and manically rooting for milk.

Taken yesterday in The Beloved Swing :) Five weeks is so long when you're a baby...she already looks so grown up!

I'm treasuring every moment. Initially I felt pressure (self-induced, of course) to have a Perfect House while I'm at home with E. One day when she was a couple of weeks old, I was sitting in the rocker with the baby staring at the unmade bed and letting it drive me crazy. I started to stand up to go put her in the bassinet so I could make the bed - but then I immediately sat down and held E a little tighter. I'm not going to have regrets. Who cares if the bed is made at this second? I let the dishes linger a little longer so I can hold her while she sleeps. I could be more on top of the laundry, but then I would miss all of those little smiles that are becoming so frequent.

My family deserves a nice house, but they also deserve me to be fully present.

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