Thursday, August 18, 2011

A glimpse into our morning

A glimpse into our morning:

-I bravely reject my usual cup of coffee and vow to get tons accomplished.

-Evie is very interested in petting the cat now and the cat willing comes toward her flailing hand. The cat regrets it as soon as Evie pulls a baby-sized handful of fur out of her back. The walk cats away in pain, only to come back again 2 minutes later for more punishment.

-We started Baby-Led Weaning a few weeks ago. Evie has already tried peaches, bananas (which she loves), avocado (which she likes to use as body paint) and today - cucumber sticks. This is how the cucumber introduction went:
1) I chopped up cucumber into sticks and placed on baby's tray. Baby ignored cucumber for 20 minutes while she smiled at me sweetly.
2) Baby decides to "sing" at the top of her lungs for 10 minutes.
3) Baby finally picks up cucumber. She holds it below her mouth and gingerly takes a lick. Makes a funny face.
4) Baby holds cucumber like a microphone below her mouth and continues to sing.
5) Baby throws cucumber onto kitchen floor.

Obviously, BLW is a process.

-I put down baby so I can use the bathroom. Baby swats at my legs until I pick her up.

-It's 10:12 am. I'd like some coffee please.

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