Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Mom, "Bad" Mom

I just posted today on Facebook about how I'm so excited that my 1 year old really loves nutritious food. Here is a picture of her covered in black beans, one of her favorite foods:
We'll call this "Good Mom" picture. Not that it's necessarily a personal accomplishment that she loves foods that are good for her. Since people are quick to credit mothers with their children's bad behaviors, so I'm going to give myself as many points as possible.

I just want to point out in this next picture, she is at least eating chopped up organic pears.
But since she also has a black eye, we'll call this "Bad" Mom picture. Bad is in quotes because I know her black eye isn't my fault and that it happens to a lot of kids that are learning to walk. I know that she's got a lot of clumsy genes not working in her favor (maybe partially my fault). But I still feel so gosh darn bad about that eye. She looks like she's been boxing.

If I were to make a post called Good Dad, "Bad" Dad, I'd say how "Good Dad" got our child dressed in her pajamas so that I could have a few minutes of rest. 

But then I would post this picture to show how"Bad Dad" dressed her:
But I'm not going to post about that.

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